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vShare For Android & Windows PC - Free Download and Install

With its very interesting and weird name, vShare Apk confuses a lot of people who don’t know much about it. Well, vShareis nothing but a breed of play store in the country of China. However, it’s slightly different than a conventional play store. The app provides users with some practical hacks that they can use to win as many points they like without struggle. While we are so used to applications in our lives now that we cannot even remember stuff without a reminder on our phone, there are some apps that are not free. But, the vShare App has so many apps not just for Android but also for IOS users which are absolutely free.

It just doesn’t end here; it has tons of apps and innumerable varieties that will leave you speechless. vShare keeps on adding a large number of applications weekly which makes this app evergreen and forever to live. It has also been rated as the best app so far in the marketplace. Since vShare is a product of the Chinese; it just supports the Chinese language. However, the demand is increasing at a very appreciable rate and the developers have decided to make another version which would mostly have the English language software to make it more user-friendly.

Its availability for all the operating systems is extraordinary since it provides all of it absolutely free of cost. People wishing to get the Chinese version can get help through Google Translate and understand the app. Since this application is a super hit and a trend in the market, it gets absolutely necessary to get yourself a glimpse or even the vShare App download, to try out. The best thing is the app can be easily downloaded in just a few clicks. Read further to know how:

vSharedownload for android:

  • Since vShare Apk is not available in your play store in android for obvious reasons, you have to install the apk version of the app to make it work on your smartphone.
  • 1. To get started with, you have to modify your phone’s settings.
  • 2. Reach the security options in the settings menu
  • 3. Now, look for an option titled ‘unknown sources’ by scrolling through the screen window.
  • 4. Once you find it, hit enable in the option.
  • 5. Your phone is now ready to download applications from sources that are not necessarily your phone’s play store.
  • 6. Search ‘vShareapk’ or vShare’s apk version from your phone’s browser.
  • 7. Click on ‘allow’ for all the permissions the application asks for. Don’t worry; this won’t harm your device.
  • 8. Once done, you have tutuapp on your mobile. Get as many apps as you want, all for free!

vShare download for IOS:

  • 1. Downloading tutuapp for IOS is as easy and simple as it was for android. You do not necessarily have to jail break your device. Instead, you can perform the download on your present devices also, provided the operating system is an IOS 9.0 or higher.
  • 2. You will have to open the tutuapp’s English version by safari because any other browser won’t support the tutuapp.
  • 3. Wait for the page to give you access to proceed further. The process might take a while. There are chances the site won’t work initially. Patience is important as you might have to struggle with the browser one or two times. It won’t take much time though. The problem might occur due to slow internet connection or your spammed history. You might want to clear out your history to get done with it.
  • 4. Once you get the access, look for three buttons on the page that have the green color. Select the center one and click download for tutuapp IOS. The language might be Chinese on the page but finding the center green button is no biggie, right?
  • 5. After this, find a blue bar that should be at the end of the screen. Hit it to start the successful installation of the tutuapp on your device.
  • 6. Install the apk version in your phone which would hardly take 3-4 minutes.
  • 7. Next, go to your phone’s settings option, hit general settings from the menu and go for the profile.
  • 8. Out of all the options, click ‘tutuapp’ and then ‘trust’.
  • 9. You now have tutuapp on your IOS successfully.

Tutuapp is one app that should definitely be on your device, be whatever operating system it carries. Get your tutuapp from the above-mentioned steps and enjoy unlimited apps with no charges whatsoever.









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